Why does one loved by others at first sight usually not love back?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    not that. its natrual to fall in love when u are abused and failed whole life. I dont think its fair to say one doesnt have a right to fall in love first time. Sometimes one has an attachement for a certain type of guy, and too shy or overwhlemd to find a guy in other ways. So the guy could have some resemblence to family, and so this person can wait. already guilted. so its unavoidable to fall in love. a person can fall in love again but needs to be protected, or that person to accept her and be her only family. So it sucks to accuse a humble person who knows she dont deserrve to be big dreaming when its so simple as a way out of family identity and simple life with brain . she ha to be accepted with faults of same quicksand.  so again it is not in her favor.  but if accepted. that person is her family.  and has to be firm who he is In her life. not necessarily marriage, but a roomate. once again this person is wel aware not perfect  so cant be abandoned , ready to bloom

  • 4 weeks ago

    Oftentimes it's because they are very attractive and are frequently someone else's love at first sight. 

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