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When Trump says he's a billionaire, is he referring to billions in debt?

"Trump's $1.1BILLION debt mountain: How the President owes huge sums linked to his towers and golf courses with $900m due to be repaid within the next four years as Covid hammers the real estate market"

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    I don't know. He does have assets. Assets - liabilities = net worth. We don't know the whole story though, it would not surprise me if he IS billions in debt. Also, we can be fairly certain the liar isn't worth as much as he said he was.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ha-Ha-ha,  does it matter?

    Trump is the president,

    Biden is a liar, thief, and subversive. We will leave his mental defect alone.

    Have we identified Biden's source income, and his son's money laundering to daddy.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    After trump, I decided that my $350,000 home is now worth $1 million.

  • Notice how you have to go to a foreign news site to parrot fake news from a document no one has seen except one reporter who won’t reveal how or where he got this document he won’t show. 

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