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Can anyone solve this high school geometry, ill award best answer!

Find the value of x that makes m II n.

1. 14x degrees, 84, degrees

2. 2x+5 135 degrees

3. 70 degrees, 3x-8 degrees

Find the slope of the line that passes through the given points.

4. (2,-2) (6,6)

5. (3,4)(5,6)

6. (-4,3)(-9,7)

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  • rotchm
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    4 weeks ago

    1. Look at the obtuse angle to the left of the 84. This is also the 4x [why?]

    Since line n is a straight line, you have 4x + 84 = 180. Solve for x.

    2. similar reasonnings. Actually, a little easier! But now that you know, you can do them on your own, or at least try too for a while.


    Btw, its good netiquette to ask ONE question (or two) per post. So start a new question for your question 4+. 

    And its bad netiquette to be anon. So for your other questions, unanon yourself. 

    Hopefully no one will spoil you the answer thereby depriving you from your personal enhancement; that would be very inconsiderate of them. 

    Dont forget to vote me best answer for being the first to correctly walk you through and especially for not spoiling out the answer! 

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