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Is this an allergy reaction due to shaving?

I shave and my skin look normal and lighter and radiant during the shave but when Iv finished my skin looks really browned is this normal? And it looks very dull and my face also goes puffy/rounder idk why. I’m not talking the shave area I’m talking the whole face. Sometimes It feels tight on my cheeks and smarting too sometimes and my lip on one side swellls up too

This happened everytime. During the shave my skin is moist and I look fine but after as I said it looks very dull and bloated looking. I don’t use aftershave will that help?

I use shave gel and new Gillette Mach3 or fusion blades every time. I take my time with it also

Edit: or is this hyperpigmentation?

🔲 pics 

◾️ 1 year ago no problems

◾️ Now: ( the red nose also)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Graham the troll repeating the same question and posting the same old sad photo's.

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