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Does Emmanuel Macron seem to be the only elected leader in Europe who is a real man?

He may ban Islam from France

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    How soon you seem to forget that Hungary is in Europe. 

  • bill
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    1 month ago

    He's really surprising me in this.I thought he was just another liberal poof like Trudeau.Maybe he finally realized that there is no up side to the  islamic invasion.

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    You mean the guy that married the woman that slept with him when he was underage? How is marrying a child predator something a real man would do? 

  • 1 month ago

    "Does Emmanuel Macron seem to be the only elected leader in Europe who is a real man?"

    Macron can be viewed as being on the right side of this issue, while being on the wrong side of political correctness.  Let's examine a little closer.

    Whenever some white supremacist group or lone wolf goes on a rampage, no white people are in agreement with that group or person.  Other "white countries" don't chime in to berate the President or leader when he/she criticizes the white supremacists.  In general, white people in white countries do not feel compelled to side with the supremacists, nor do they feel marginalized by any new laws designed to restrict the facilitation of white supremacist actions.

    Now, take the words of Macron, after terrible radical Islamic actions occurring in his nation, where he -has to- do something.  He is only speaking critically about the radicals, and exemplifying co-operation with all other Muslims.  Macron spoke of an “Islamist separatism within the country, and the need to counter it through the rules and values of the Republic, to build a French version of Islam, an “Islam of Enlightenment” that would integrate French Muslim citizens better with the French way of life."  Sounds reasonable ... No?

    The response?  Well, it seems to have infuriated many Islamic countries, with Turkey and Pakistan taking the lead in denouncing the French President of Islamophobia.  A number of Islamic countries have declared they will boycott French goods.

    So the question is this.  Why are moderate Islamists within France not equally vociferous, and eager to distance themselves from their radicals the way white people are in their own countries with their radicals?  Why are Islamic countries poking their noses into France to defend the radical Islam that France is attempting to dismantle?  Should not Islamic nations also harshly criticize it's radical elements the way outside white nations do to the white supremacists that exist in other white nations?  And why are the Leftist elements of the West, including many white Leftists, on board with this same insane idea that to just criticize RADICAL Islam (not moderate Islam), is "Islamophobia", and is a worse crime than radical Islamists killing innocent civilians?

    Nothing in this response represents "Islamophobia" or any denigration of Islam, or peaceful moderate Muslims.  It is the same with Macron of France and many other proper critics of RADICAL Islam.  Yet I bet you this opinion would be censored, or taken down on Twitter or Facebook.  And it would never be openly expressed on any mainstream media outlet.  It's amazing!


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  • 1 month ago

    He has never talked about banning Islam but expressed his resentment against radical Islamic terrorism. He is the most realistic and respectable man in Europe. 

  • liz
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    1 month ago

    The Muslim bashers probably aren’t online in GS yet. In fact does it have a bearing on Gender Studies? Anyway you could post it in Politics for an early response.

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