Cannot get computer to boot up?

I just want to factory reset...i can't even get it to go past the choose an operating system screen...i don't have a format cd or anything...its an acer aspire 525q

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  • 1 month ago

    It may have a partition on the hard drive that contains recovery files.

    Try turning it all the way off - then back on, and when the acer logo appears, press alt+F10 and it should take you into a blue screen where you can click "Troubleshoot" and then "Reset your PC" to erase all of your data and restore to factory settings.

    Alternatively, you can choose "Refresh your PC" to reset the device to factory settings while retaining your data.

  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    which OS do you have? if it's Win10, you can download an installer for CD or USB for free from Microsoft.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do a cold boot. Mine is a desktop so I unplug the power out of the wall for say 5 minutes. So it cools down and forgets everything (mainly the hang up that is circling around in its system...If you got a battery laptop - pull the battery out.

    .   Now after 5 or longer minutes PLUG THE PIG IN.  Computer will start up slower(if you notice 3 seconds or less) and get you back to Desktop. You will not have lost any files but the bugger that is bugging you bugged out.

    ..That will be $125.00 which is the standard fee for doing nothing at the repair shop.  They just plug it in. Computer reset itself using their power...which is the same electrical power as you have.  Basically that is all they do.  The machine just readjusts its files and folders and operations.

    . oh, when you power down, disconnect from the internet...too.

    .  All can be relocated again except you might want to avoid the last place you visited in History as that site is buggy.  (Or it is a floater bit of malware...or just a badly written program...that has a loop in it.

  • 1 month ago

    Probably too late, but try doing a restore.

    if Windows 10 gets stuck in an endless reboot loop?” Well, it is possible that your Internet connection is interfering with the process. Your computer might have gotten stuck after downloading some updates. To resolve the problem, you need to disable your Internet connection. Simply unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer or switch off your wireless router. Once you’ve disabled your network, you will be able to complete the factory reset.

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You don't know what to do and you don't have the tools to do it anyway so bring it to a technician instead.

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