With all this coronavirus ,why would anyone in their right mind have a thanksgiving dinner?

1 Answer

  • It's tradition, at thanksgiving you have dinner with your whole family and be thankful for something or someone. At least that's how it was with my family.

    Some people just don't care, they don't understand or they think the virus is fake. They don't care about infecting people when they have a large gathering of people. 

    If it's a dinner with just their house hold and no one has covid 19, then that's ok. 

    If it's a large gathering with over 10 people and they're not following protocols, the cops should have been called to break up the gathering. In some areas, people can get a hefty fine for having a large party / large gathering. 

    You can have a small thanksgiving dinner with your house hold. You shouldn't have a large thanksgiving dinner.

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