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I'm insecure about myself, how can I love myself more and stop self-deprecating?

I am old compared to students at my school because I started my higher education very late. I don't look as attractive because I have not spent the time nor put in the effort to work out properly. I'm not short but I'm a little overweight. I have fears about my ability to do well in job interviews which will land me a high-paying job while I feel so behind being an older student at school.

However, despite my flaws and insecurities, I sacrificed some of my twenties to provide financial support for my family because my mom's small business wasn't doing well and she needed help. I've worked long hours to bring home money, sometimes working two jobs. This is where I became depressed, thinking that I had no future, no chance. I struggled through, made big decisions for me and my faimly to move obstacles out of my way to allow me to have a chance at higher education. I have been finaincially independent since graduating high school. Even when I came back to school, I worked and paid my own rent, did well in school and transferred to my current school which is a prestigious university. I am working hard to secure myself a decent/well paying job before I graduate.

However, I didn't date, I didn't party, I just worked while being depressed, thinking I'm not good enough so my self-deprecation is showing to people around me despite being known as a hard worker to my friends. Thinking that I only survived my twenties, instead of making achievements, how can I love myself more?

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    One challenge at a time. Bear down and get that diploma. Then be the person you yourself would hire. Everything else will follow. It always does.

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