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It’s Senior Yr, I was basically screwed over by my coaches all through out highschool and now I have no offers or interest from colleges. ?

I switched positions from HB to TE my coaches promised I’d start. I even talked to them about me needing to get film. They agreed and promised I would. I have a 2 min hudl tape of me only blocking bc I never got the ball. I’m pretty sure college coaches wouldn’t be interested in a Senior with little to no film. I’ve reached out and sent several emails to D1- JUCO no ones showed interest. I’m not a bad player either, my highschool coaches just never put me in bc we used a lot of 4 receiver formations, and they had favorites. I’ve thought about walking on but idk how I’d go about doing that. I also have really good grades so that isn’t an issue. I just need help on how to get attention from coaches/ how to get a scholarship and if I have to, How I would walk on.


Pls don’t sit there and say it’s bc I’m not good bc like I said my coaches liked using 4 receiver formations ALL THE DAMN TIME and they aren’t that smart to put me anywhere else and I’m not the only one the coaches have done this to either. So pls don’t be negative or anything give actual advice. 

Update 2:

And also they played favorites too so that’s another reason why they never played me. 

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    I have a question, Why would you switch positions from HB to TE when you had to know your coaches used 4 WR sets “ALL THE DAMN TIME”(Your words exactly)before the season started. I can’t see your coaches(any coach for that matter)promising you’d start when they don’t use the TE for pass catching. If they need an extra blocker they can put another O-Lineman in. Maybe you should think about switching to the Defensive side of the ball? If you have the size maybe try playing on the Edge and work on pass rushing moves, Recruiters will notice if you make them! Good luck, Don’t allow what happens or doesn’t happen on the football field to distract you from getting good grades because Colleges want good students too not just good student-athletes. 

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    My college AD said that to get a foot in the door, if you haven't been scouted, apply for a sport with fewer applicants, like wrestling or baseball, with football as a second skill, to increase your chances of being interviewed. Then while you're on campus you can ask for a walk-on try-out for football.

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    Actually, your chances of playing college football depend on your performance in football during your senior year of high school. If you perform very well in football during the rest of this season, you will greatly improve your chances of getting recruited and a scholarship to play for a college football program.

    Even if you do not get recruited to play college football, I highly encourage you to try out, and become a walk-on, for a college football program next season.

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    First off, recognize that being truthful isn't necessarily being negative.  If you ask how to do something and the people answering don't believe it can be done, that's not negativity, that's realism.

    Let's also go ahead and look at the other side of this coin a minute - maybe you're not that good.  You keep saying you're good, but what is this assertion based on?  Your question details how you didn't play a lot and didn't get the ball.  So your only barometer of your talent is your own assessment.  You're asking us to take the opinion of a high school football player who rarely go the ball over adults coaching the sport.  You can see what our view of this is, right?

    You say they were playing favorites, but that isn't what it sounds like.  It seems you played tight end in a system that doesn't use tight ends often as passing targets.  That's not playing favorites, that's executing the game plan that they designed.

    Finally, do you know how few young men get recruited to play football in college, compared to how many play varsity in high school?  And of those, how few are scholarship athletes at larger schools?  You have to be elite at one level to even be CONSIDERED at the next.  And those with elite skills get noticed and get the ball placed in their hands, even if they aren't "favorites".  Even if the coaches outright hated you, if you had the skills, the ability for them to say "I coached so-and-so and now he's playing at Such-and-such University" would have gotten you on the field and in a position to make plays.

    By all means, try to walk on.  If you're somehow a hidden talent, the guys at the next level will recognize that - they're a LOT better at their jobs than high school coaches.  As for how to do that, you have coaches, you have the internet, there are contact methods for college coaches available, etc.  My "actual advice" is to attend a school that meets your academic needs and prepares you for a career.  If football is something you get to do while you're at it, great, if not, there's always intramural flag football.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    A lot of coaches read message boards.  You whine enough, and you'll get attention.

    Especially anonymously.  They love that.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I have some uncomfortable news for you - you're probably not that good.

    Coaches want to win.  If your coaches really thought you were good, they would have found a way to use you.  The fact that they didn't means they probably didn't think you were that good, but wanted to stay positive with you.

    By all means, walk on somewhere.  But my advice, don't pick a college based on football.  Pick one based on it being a good school that meets your academic needs.  If you make the team, great.  If not, understand that you weren't going to the NFL anyway.  

    The guys who get to the NFL were DOMINANT at the high school level.  Derrick Henry rushed for 4261 yards in high school.  Not in his high school career, but in his senior season alone.  He averaged 9.2 yards per carry.  He had over 2400 yards in his other three seasons for more than 12,000 yards in a 4 year high school career.  And he did this in Florida, a region that tends to have excellent high school football players and is right up there with Texas as a mecca for high school talent.

    That's what an NFL player looks like in high school.  That's not you.  So if you play ball in college or not, and it's not for a scholarship - then who cares?  It's alot of extra work that isn't going to be your career.  It's time to be focussed on your eventual real career.

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