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I would have got an A but got an F cause I didn´t put the arrow on the number line high enough. was this right for my teacher to do this?

A few years ago I got a number line test from my math teacher, I would have got an A but got an F cause of a single difference which is barely noticeable



ALSO, he knew what my answer was and where the arrow was pointing but he still decided to grade it wrong even though he KNEW it was correct. still pisses me off to this day  Here is an illustration I made off of youidraw

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    You said yourself that you "didn't place the arrow high enough". So it was wrong. So he marked you down.

    Teachers can't go around marking people for what they probably MEANT to write. They can mark them only on what they actually DID write.

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    Maths are supposed to be precision.

    A few years!  So, who should care now!

    Just remember, "You cannot put too much water in a nuclear reactor",  see what I mean? Marks, phrasing, and punctuation change a meaning.

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    Yours is the same thing as the teachers, I am a math teacher. You can take this to the principal or the head of math dept and get it reviewed. I would mark it correct. 

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    Well, you did it wrong. I'm not sure what you are hoping for. There are right and wrong answers in the world sometimes and in this case, you got it wrong. I find it hard to believe that because you go this one question wrong you went from having and A in the class to and F. Really, that doesn't hold water and you are definitely lying about something,

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