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Can anyone else see right through people?

When I'm around people, I can easily tell if their being fake, unauthentic, not themselves (especially with people I'm close with).

They don't even have to change the way they normally are. I can sense it. I can see it in people.Example: Your friend wants to a party. You can just feel that they only want to go to a party to impress people or to act "cool".

Another Example: You can tell if someone is drinking alcohol to forget, have fun, or to impress/act "cool". Just by looking at them.

I don't know how to describe it. I can see through people? I can tell if someone's fake?  I can read people like a book?


I keep these thoughts to myself. I'm a very quiet person. I let people do whatever they want to do. Its not my concern. I'm just wondering if its normal to notice these things so easily.

Like, am I just very observant?

A better example would be marijuana. I can tell when people genuinely want/need to do it or if someone's doing it to impress and/or doing it as a result of peer pressure.

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    I can read people too. I am able to spot a narcissist, sociopath, and psychopath with their way they behave in society and interact with people. 

    I can also tell if someone is lying and BSing too. Their body language and gestures tell a different story to their words.

    You will be able to notice these things if you are an introvert and someone who grew up with dysfunctional individuals in a family dominated by toxic people. 

    However, there is a reason why most fake people exist and interact in society today. You could learn more about human behaviour and social interaction by reading Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence.  

    Don't be quick to judge, criticize, and condemn anyone who hides under a mask or appears to be fake and pretentious. Take time to get to know them and they may reveal their true intentions.  

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    No, most people have never looked up from their phones in their 25 years of l"life" and therefore test as "autistic spectrum."

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    Yes,I have been this way forever.

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    4 weeks ago

    Me too, you are an empathic person like me. I would say more but I’m drinking alcohol right now. 😔 

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    People like you are really annoying tbh. I hope you’re not outspoken about these things as you could very well be wrong and come off as some obnoxious, privileged nut.

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