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How can I best help a troubled child?

I'm pretty new to child care, but I already have a young boy who has been through a very traumatic incident. As a result, he has zero interest in any of his school work and can become rather aggressive, which I understand to a point, but I don't want him to fall behind. I'm by no means a therapist, but I definitely would like some pointers to better help him through this challenging time and also, hopefully, get him more focused on school work. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There's a number of articles with advice about this online. The reason why I'm showing you this one is that the source is one that I've found to be a very good one for advice in dealing with troubled children.

    Of course, it would be best to get advice from a qualified professional who has seen the child and come up with a set of recommendations.

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