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Why do only female teachers dislike me?

I admit that I'm a lazy student most of the time, but it's only female teachers who disliked me and even actively hindered my progress in school.

In middle school, I was doing well in literature classes, and the lit. teacher of 8th grade at the time (female) liked me; however, the grammar teacher thought I was rude or something, and rejected my request for AP lang. in high school without telling the lit. teacher. The lit. teacher herself didn't know until I told her so, and she said she'd add me to ap lang. if I wanted.

In high school, the Spanish2 teacher didn't like me and picked on me sometimes, and the P.E. teacher didn't let me go to the nurse's office even though I told her I was having bad period cramps.

Even in college, the only teachers who weren't nice to me (for whatever reason) were female. Most teachers who liked me were male, and that liking definitely encouraged me to study for their classes.

If I were disrespectful and unorderly, shouldn't all teachers treat me the same? Why do only female teachers dislike me?

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  • donnie
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    4 weeks ago

    Maybe because they get tied of your same old **** over and over again 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Please give your little cry baby attitude to someone else. I don't think it is only female teachers that dislike you, I'm pretty sure that all teachers dislike you.

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