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Can I freely travel to New England this Christmas or will the states be closed to tourists due to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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    You may not be able to travel as 'freely' as you did before the virus. 

    You would have to look up their covid 19 protocols with regards to travelling and quarantining, for both areas. You may also have to wear a mask on the plane. Some places would like you to quarantine when you get there and when you get home. If you have the time saved up and you feel safe about going, then go for it. 

    Personally I don't feel safe travelling any where. I'm not getting on a plane. Some one on the plane could have covid, or you could get it at the destination (if you don't take precautions) you're going to. So stay safe if you do decide to travel, follow the protocols the state has set for covid 19. You also still have to have a valid pass port before you go. 

    Bring masks and sanitizer with you if you don't want to buy it. 

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    All 6 states are different. New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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