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What does this sentence exactly mean?

I have to explain this sentence for homework and I am "surprisingly" overthinking and can't really understand it. I don't know if they're saying that the isolation should not be something someone should be grateful for or? Thanks in advance.

Sentence: "The isolation of mothers and children together in the home must be taken for granted"

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    I actually need some sort of context.  It is not clear that the thing to be taken for granted is the isolation part or the together (mom and kids) part.

    That is, does the person mean that we ought to accept isolation at home as the obvious thing, or that when there is isolation at home, it ought to be normal to expect both mom and kids to be isolated together? 

    Context ought to tell us which thing is the part that is to be expected as a matter of course, without argument.

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    Grateful doesn't come into it at all. Perhaps you misunderstand the meaning of 'take for granted'. It is saying merely that we can safely assume that mothers and children are isolated in the home, that we don't have to question whether or not it is so.

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    A "translation" to simpler language might be: Everyone assumes mothers and their kids are alone together in the house.

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