neighbour peeping?

one of my neighbours has been peeping on me, acting like he is spying and stalking me.

last week when i got home at 10pm from work, he came out for a 'bike ride'.

yeah... just turns out that in the whole day he decides to go gor a bike ride at 10pm exactly at the time im parking my car. 

so as usual he goes by my house with his bike to peep and check what im doing in my parking - i was moving my cars around because i have 3 cars.

again, of course it's obviously just a coincidence that everytime he goes for a 'bike ride' it's exactly when im out in my yard or parking doing something, and of course he has to go by my house instead of taking the other way and also he comes back from his 'bike ride' by the same path so that he goes by my house again instead of making a loop and coming back the other side... of course it's all coincidences that it happens only when im out, even if it's at 10pm on a boring tuesday. 

it happens all the time with this guy, to the point it became obvious it wasnt a coincidence and he is doing it on purpose to check on me.

however, on that tuesday night i got so fed up and waited for him to come back from his 'bike ride'. no wonder his bike ride was short it lasted less than 5 minutes and of course he came back from the same path again so that he could go by my house and spy on me. 

i was so fed up and alarmed that i walked towards him as he stopped his bike and screamed: stay the f away from me or i will call the cops on you.

what would u do?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    what if this is in your mind only

    Me I would feel flattered but not let it worry me

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Wow - you're really over-reacting!  Just ignore him.  He's not harming you at all and doing nothing illegal.  What are you going to tell the police?  That he goes out on his bike for short rides?  Come on - they'd laugh!

    Just park your cars, get on with your life and take absolutely no notice of this guy!

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