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Is it true that if the students know a teacher's political beliefs that they are failing as a teacher?

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  • Anonymous
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    I wouldn't say that the person is failing as a teacher, but I think there's a strong argument to support the idea that educators should be descriptive in their approach - not prescriptive. A good teacher, if asked "Teacher, which party/candidate./policy do you support?" would reply with "What about you? Which party do YOU support, which candidate do YOU like, how do YOU feel about this issue?" Because as an educator, we're automatically elevated to a position of authority. Sharing our political views with students could easily be seen as us trying to influence their views or their thinking. I do not tell my students which political party I support, which candidates I like, and I do not go into detail about how I feel about weighty political or social issues because that's not what I'm being paid to do. They get enough of that at home. I do however teach them that they ought to be tolerant and respectful of the opinions of others and that it's okay to disagree so long as everyone remains civil and tolerant and accepting of dissenting opinions.  

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    I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm guessing you are a Trump sheep.

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    Why would they be failing as a teacher? If those beliefs are being used to discriminate or not teach required material that's a big problem. If those beliefs are simply known but are not interfering with learning, then whatever. 

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