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How can I communicate better with parents?

Does writing down your concerns

on paper, and sharing it really help?   

A) It would mean a lot to me, if they

help me find ways to work from home?   

B) How can I get them to trust me better?

C) Is it reasonable to ask

them, to help me buy a used car?   

Thank You

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    I am all for using the written word to better communicate, as it is easier to organize your thoughts in writing.  It just isn't reasonable to expect others (like your parents) to take the time to do so in response.  I highly suggest you don't communicate with your parents via, text but through email if not a hard copy for them to read.  

    A)   If you need help from your parents you need to specifically ask for it, not just tell them your problems and expect them to figure it out.  They may not be able to help, so you need to consider that possibility and not expect too much from them.

    B) Trust is a two way street.  You need to prove yourself worthy to gain it from others.  I suggest you ask your parents for more opportunities to prove your trustworthiness, but let them determine how.  If you have proven untrustworthy before, then your will have to put forth a lot more effort than usual.

    C)  It is not unreasonable if your parents have helped pay for other things.  You just need to be careful how you ask for it.  It isn't reasonable to expect your parents help or make any such demands.  What most parents need to see is that you are putting forth the majority of what is necessary (purchase price, insurance and maintenance costs) and a plan to continue to do so.  Ask for their input of what type of used car would be best.  Make it a mutual decision if you are going to mutually pay for it.

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    It might help if you thought about what THEY want instead of what YOU want.  After you realize what THEY want, you might be able to express those parts of what YOU want that happen to coincide with what THEY want.  That's called "shared interests", and its a great way to get other people to listen to what you would like to suggest.

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