NYC vs LA which city has the better current sports teams?

Which of the two cities has the best athletes currently?

3 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    Right now, LA does overall.

  • New York: Two NHL titles (NJ-2000,2003), NBA, MLS titles in the last 20 years.  2 MLB titles (2000, 2009), 2 NFL titles (2007, 2011).  Nothing since 2011.

    Los Angeles: 5 MLS titles since 2000.  2 NHL titles (2012, 2014).  No NFL titles.  2 MLB titles (2002, 2020). 6 NBA titles.

    New York (counting NJ area): Six titles in the five major team sports.

    Los Angeles: 13 titles in the five major team sports.

    LA is better.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would say L.A. has the edge in most categories right now...

    The Dodgers and Lakers are current Champions in their respective leagues.... the Mets and Knicks not only continue to struggle, but can't seem to escape management issues that keep them out of contention.

    The Rams and Chargers are currently better than the Giants and Jets....and I'd never thought I'd say that L.A. had one better NFL team than NYC in my lifetime, let alone two...

    The Kings and Rangers are probably a wash right now... I don't follow professional soccer or the WNBA, but I know that the LA teams have more championships than their Big Apple counterparts.

    As for athletes, I'd say Los Angeles remains the producer of superior talent if you include "the Greater L.A. Area" (which includes all the suburbs that produce lots of MLB talent and the prep schools where pro athlete's like LeBron and D-Wade send their kids).  If you're only comparing "city to city" then I'd say it's pretty even.

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