Can my Hobart scale be saved from "zero range error"?

 The owner manual for my Hobart scale model SP1500 doesn't say what to do if the scale shows "zero range error" when you try to turn it on  I power on the scale I see "scale warm up". and then "zero range error" and then I can't do anything.

   There's no Hobart store or office where I live so I can't call a Service Tech to look at it. I'm hoping someone might know if this can be fixed? 

  Unfortunately my bank account also shows "zero range error" on my balance so I cannot afford to buy a new scale right now.

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  • 1 month ago
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    According to the user manual, that is a fault with the weight it reads for the scale pan.

    Check that is fitted properly, nothing on it or jamming whatever mechanism supports it? 

    It (or the platform it sits on? - the "scale platter" in the manual) appears to be removable for cleaning.

    Try taking it off and check everything you can, for any stray items or spills that could be causing it to not see an accurate weight..

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