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Why is my ex lying about dating?

the only logical answer is that he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

We were together for 2 years and lived togetherWe had a nasty breakup in January. We went about 4-5 months of no contact and he reached out around July. We caught up otp and shared our dating stories, we are both single and not dating anyone seriously. At least that’s what he said He lives in our same old apartment and when I visited, some of my things were still well around the house. We had sex but he was very adamant about staying single and not having feelings for me anymore. After sex, I asked about it & if he still has animosity from the breakup and he said no. However He says these things to get a reaction every time.. for example, during sex he’ll repeatedly ask if I still love him. One time I missed our date and had to reschedule with him and he then asked “maybe we can have sex before I go out on a first date with this girl” knowing this would trigger a reaction from me. Or wake up in the morning calling someone setting plans and when I ask who’s calling,.. he’ll laugh & act stupid lol. However, whenever I ask if he’s had a gf,.. he’ll say no. When I mention the guys I date, he acts SUPER jealous with questions I asked to cut out sex and he agreed to hang out without sex & we date and have sleepovers without sex at all. I can see that his phone rings every night & morning we’re together. I don’t understand his point of lying if he’s saying he doesn’t love me or have feelings got me 

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  • Do yourself a favour and walk away.  This is who he is.  He's not going to change.

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    When a couple break up in my eyes there cannot be a rapprochement, why risk your chances in a broken relationship? I know that there is still feeling and that it is hard to forget, but you have to be cool and understand that it is part of your past and as long as you try to relive the past you will also be reliving all the dramas and events that made your relationship end. Take all your knowledge from that relationship and simply bet your chips on someone else. But it doesn't have to be now.

  • Jerry
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    This whole thing sounds crazy to me. Estranged former sweethearts reach to each other, and they talk about the dates they've had with other people? Huh? 

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    4 weeks ago

    He has told you that he has no feelings for you.

    Why waste your time?

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