Not sure the take this new site offer.  What is your opinion ?

I have been offered to be transferred to another site.  The pay rate would be $15.50 an hour.  I currently make $13.50 an hour.  My issue is if I do over time at other sites which are not my new permanent site will I get the $15.50 an hour or my old wage of $13.50. If they say any overtime would be at old rate of $13.50 not sure if I would take it what would be your opinion.  What would you do. 


@Scott . Not necessarily this company has done some weird things to me in the past.  I am thinking it will pay me $15.50 at the new job site but when I work other places they were only paying me $13.50.

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  • Scott
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Your overtime is based on YOUR rate of pay, so if you take this transfer at $15.50 /hr, overtime (time and a half) would be $23.25.

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