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What's the best way to cook heavily marbled ribeye steaks(12oz)?

I'd rather not waste my money so I need some help. I plan on cooking it on the grill using indirect heat after I sear the steaks. I however am not all that good with a grill but have been practicing. Still I have my doubts. The steaks are bone-in.


@CB That sounds good because you are flipping the steaks a LOT, effectively not allowing the juices to settle and you're turning them to achieve the diamond pattern. And I know the finger test of which the cheat sheet is on a person's palm and your link is perfect but so busy with ads and other stuff, to pay the bills. AB+ helps but... Anyways, thank you for the advice and the link. 

Update 2:

And you included the rest period. Nice. That along with I Like Stories' room temperature advice should have these steaks pretty happy. Thanks to you both. 

Update 3:

For those that don't know cooking or grilling, in this case, flipping your burger or steak is a dangerous maneuver in that you can tear the sear off if the meat isn't ready to be flipped(sear not properly formed just yet) or if the cooking surface isn't properly seasoned. Some people would balk at the idea of flipping a steak more than once but that isn't a rule if you know what you are doing, which I don't hence the question. 

Update 4:

And as I mentioned above, we have our first balker who invoked the name of Carlos Santana as a inside slight. Little does he know how Stevie Ray Vaughan is better. Thanks for proving my point and you even used science too.  Carolos can make that guitar sing but can't nobody make it cry the way Stevie did. I'll be tasting tears of joy when my steaks come away from the grill perfectly cooked to a medium rare doneness. 

Update 5:

A controlled flamethrower!!!? Other may use a campfire in a box or some other relatable image but you bring up napalm and burning bodies. Sure they have flamethrower for weeds, starting controlled brushfires/bonfires and the like but a flamethrower? 

Update 6:

And then you bring up some bu||$hit regarding my first born. Go phuck yourself Mike. That "sears" it? Who the phuck that has EVER been in a kitchen uses quotes around sear? ie. proves themselves a waste of time. Now gtfo.

Update 7:

Nice one Bill, when that myoglobin percolates to the surface, that's the meat telling the cook FLIP ME!!!I did know that but I appreciate your advice. 

Update 8:

Hmmmm use my cast iron skillet in the grill or use the cast iron grills already present. Can't spoon the butter without a skillet. Decisions, decisions. Wait... If I am going to be spooning butter over these steaks I need to clarify some butter so it can better handle the heat. I could use flavored butter... Maybe some thyme, just a little because I'm not making flowers on the grill. I also don't want these steaks to get too busy either. Need to think about this. 

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  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Heat an Iron skillet till screaming hot. Add One tablespoon oil. Season your steaks Only with salt and pepper. Put steaks in it. Let it cook, about 3 minutes, flip. Add one tablespoon butter, some garlic you have squished with the side of a knife, and some rosemary sprigs. Spoon butter over the steaks, rub them with the rosemary and garlic.  Three minutes later, they are done. 

    You can check temperature with a meat thermometer, but NEVER cut them open. 

  • bill
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    1 month ago

    Sounds like a good plan as long as you flip them often so the blood doesn't pool on the surface.

  • 1 month ago

    That sounds horrible. What a grill does is lets you have a controlled flame thrower. You sacrifice your first born to the Devil, i.e. put the steak right in the center of the heat for a few seconds on each side. That "sears" it, i.e. creates the Millard effect and creates a crust and as it cools it will cook itself. If you do need to move it to the side to cook inside some more depends on how much you want it cooked on the inside, how close the outside is to getting burnt etc. and that depends on how thick it is, how hot your flame thrower was, etc. Having the intuition of all of that put together just comes from experience. You are playing C-G-D, but you don't sound like Santana.

  • 1 month ago

    Let them get to room temperature before you cook them.  Season with salt and pepper or with garlic salt and pepper.  

    I would cook them on a grill (using charcoal).  Sear at high temp (>600 degrees) then shut down the air supply to the grill and let them sit approximately 1.5 minutes per side, remove from grill.  Then l then let them rest for at least 2 minutes before cutting into them.There are countless videos on YouTube showing how to cook a steak.

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  • CB
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    1 month ago

    I like my steak pretty rare, especially a good cut like Prime Rib. 

    Figuring it is about a 1"-1.25" Pre-heat the grill until about 500 degrees, while heating salt and pepper the steak, toss the steak on and cook for about 2 minutes and flip to a new hot spot and cook 2 more minutes, cut the heat back to low and rotate the steak 90 degrees cook two minutes more, flip sides cook 2 minutes more. Check for doneness using the Finger test cook until it is right for you - Let rest 10 minutes on a warm plate after removing from grill. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/the_finger_t...

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