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Demon thing offers me things in my sleep?

I have had this dream a couple times. It is this same demon thing, but different scenarios. It came once when I was young like 9 or 10 and offered me a couple things. However, it was weird. The dream started with me waking up, brushing my teeth, and then wondering where my family was. They often let me sleep in and would go do things, so I decided to go check the front door to see if they were still around. I open it and on the walkway was a tall horned female/male thing that was somewhat on fire. 

It said "Hello."I stared blankly at it.As if it didn't really care what I said or what was going to say it said "I can offer you some things. Anything really. Power, sex, love, compassion, money, anything. All I need is to come inside.

I kept staring blankly at it not really sure what was going it.

It said this: Will you let me in?

Then all of a sudden my family showed up carrying groceries into the walkway. Ignoring me, ignoring the demon thing, and just talking. 

Wondering if I was still asleep and if they got everything. I blinked and the demon disappeared and I blinked again. I was in bed and my family was opening the door. Ends up they were wondering if I was up and I knew what groceries they still needed to get out of the car.

Now this demon thing still shows up every 2ish years outside on the walkway even when I am not living there slightly changing. Asking me if it can come inside. Offering me things. Also, as time goes on, the demon is wearing clothes no fire etc.


What the **** is going on inside my head?

Update 2:

Also, it talks about things that I didn't know before or things that will occur. From small things like me getting into an accident or getting injured or things surrounding my family and friends. I never can remember my answer. Honestly, I don't really remember ever speaking to it. It just talks and pauses as if I am talking to it. Not sure anymore if I am agreeing to what it asks or not anymore. It would explain some things though and why I feel so empty now.

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    Several types of hallucinations have been linked to sleep paralysis: the belief that there is an intruder in the room, the presence of an incubus, and the sensation of floating. A neurological hypothesis is that in sleep paralysis the mechanisms which usually coordinate body movement and provide information on body position become activated and, because there is no actual movement, induce a floating sensation.

    The intruder and incubus hallucinations highly correlate with one another, and moderately correlated with the third hallucination, vestibular-motor disorientation, also known as out-of-body experiences, which differ from the other two in not involving the threat-activated vigilance system.

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    That's called a dream.  It happens to everyone, and it happens so often that it even has its own name.

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