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Is it just me or do people in other countries (especially smaller countries) seem happier in life?

They don't have as much, but they also don't work as much, and seem to have happier family lives. They seem closer as a family unit. They flourish without material possessions. America is becoming too materialistic, media driven, and seems divided, no one is friendly with each other anymore. People live in their own little bubbles obsessed with media and the internet and staying up to date on things. Things are happening so fast in America, we lose sense of self. In other countries, time seems to stand still and they are closer and more emotionally connected. They spend time out in nature, working the land, to provide for themselves, instead of locked up in a cubicle on the computer.


Examples of countries I'm talking about: Thailand, Phillipines, Jordan, Kuwait, etc etc. More traditionally third world countries.

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    I live in Australia. Most Aussies are laid back and easy going people who don't take life seriously. I have noticed that young people and children are happier and vibrant in our sunny and hot environment. 

    I see many families go shopping or to the local parks for a BBQ. 

    I am an ugly old man and yet I talk to a lot of people especially young people who ask for advice. Most are happy to talk to a strange man like me. Even young attractive women find me easy going and approachable. 

    The elderly people are much happier too. I do my own shopping and this woman started a conversation with me at the bus stop. She looked about 75 years old but surprisingly told me she was a nonagenarian. She was strong enough to pull her small shopping bag home with a walker.

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    It's not just you. The lists of countries with the happiest populace often have Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands on top.

    I'm guessing that reduced income disparity and having your own language helps [although switzerland has 4 official languages of which 3 are shared with neighbouring countries]

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    I totally agree. The media has convinced people that in order to be happy they need to buy a lot of stuff. It encourages competition and distrust. America is in a bad situation pitting one side against the other.

    This 1967 song: Buffalo Springfield - ' For What It's Worth' saw the problem and expressed it then.

    Youtube thumbnail


    The media and Western society have convinced us that wealth and power are all that matter. The result has been pollution and exploitation.

    People before profits should again be the slogan of these times. We need to reconnect with each other above our differences. We must change, each one of us, around the people in our lives.

    Love many

    Trust few

    Harm none

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    I from Canada so I can’t speak to what is happening in the US. We are losing the community feeling here to become more individualistic. I grew up a very community oriented town growing up and it was a shock when I left that community. 

    I went to Uganda in 2010 and that’s when I realized that we were losing the community feel. They don’t have much there (well some do - there is a large income difference), but they care for one another. They support one another. Families that had nothing always spoke of their blessings. Communities work together to care for their members. I was there for almost 3 weeks and it was very rare to see a kid who was unhappy. They were grateful for an empty water bottle, a math kit and made toys out of what they could find. (We saw many groups of kids who made soccer balls out of plastic bags, old material and string.) Anything that they had was well cared for and treasured. I met a women who was caring for her 24 grandchildren after all of her children died from aids related complications. Family is so important to them.  

    And unlike the US, Uganda has some level of universal health care (more 2 tiered, but you can get health care at no cost to the individual). Helping and caring for one another is a trait we are losing in the western world and I do hope that we never lose it completely. 

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    Though money is important to people in other countries big and small it is not an obsession like it is here.

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