My friend has Asperger’s and she found problems at her company, why doesn’t management like it?

My friend has a degree in engineering and she is a lower IQ person, but good with details 

Will she get fired for doing her job?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Well, F_o_P, your name reflects this question

  • She shouldn't get fired for doing her job. If she's good at her job and a good fit for the company, then management should be okay with her. 

    If she's not doing her job, making a lot of mistakes, slacking off being late a lot or calling off a lot then she could get fired. 

    Some times managers don't like people with disabilities because they think it may take them longer to pick up things and learn about how to do their job. Or they think that they may have to treat this person differently, because of their disability, this should not be happening. 

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