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Someone please help me with a train journey through London. I'm panicking about it. It's in the details.?

At some point I'm planning to go to Doncaster. I know I go to London Liverpool Street and then from there to Kings Cross. But I've got conflicting information about the stops.

One thing says it's direct from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross, another says there are two changes. Please help!

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    The easiest way is to take the Underground from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross.  You can take a westbound Circle Line or the Metropolitan Line or the Hammersmith & City Line train and not have to make any changes.

  • Jon
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    4 weeks ago

    Those 'two changes' are at Liverpool Street and at Kings Cross. There is a direct route between them on the Underground's Circle Line. The Underground station for Kings Cross is called Kings Cross St Pancras. (This is because Kings Cross and St Pancras main line stations are next door to each other).

    The bit that can sound confusing at first is that trains of three 'lines' all go along that same track. Trains called 'Circle Line', 'Hammersmith and City Line' and 'Metropolitan Line' trains all go from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross St Pancras by the same route.  (The routes of each  'Line' divide after Kings Cross).

    At Liverpool Street, look out for signs for the Underground, then for signs for Circle Line and for Kings Cross. Once you are on the correct platform, every train from there will go to Kings Cross, passing through three stations on the way. Once you get to Kings Cross St Pancras, just follow signs for the way out to Kings Cross main station.

    The only way you can go wrong in this is at Liverpool Street, by getting on a train going in the wrong direction. As well as making sure you are on the Circle Line platform, check that it is the platform for trains going towards Kings Cross. There are lots of signs up confirming which trains go from each platform. As above, as long as you are at the right platform at Liverpool Street, every train goes to Kings Cross St Pancras.

  • 4 weeks ago

    A choice of THREE direct routes.

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