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is this real? paypal question?

So i got a payment of 4 digis $0,000. Supposedly through friends and family, i didnt get a notification but the buyer sent me a screenshot and i was wondering if i did get scammed or not lmao. (My account is not verified, i have only received $15 bucks and another dude charged back, and later i bought $10 with it, i also have my bank linked to it)

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    It's a scam; there are many types.

    One of the commonest variation is they send you money to buy something or transfer to someone for them.

    They may also "accidentally" send too much - and ask you to transfer that to another account.

    Then about two to four weeks later, the account they paid from is recognised as stolen and the real owners money is reclaimed.

    You have bought then stuff and sent them your money. You now owe paypal $10,000 or however much...

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