Whats the most economical way of using online hosting?

i'm out of date so bear with me please, i have a couple of older machines i dont want to lose the data from, nor how they work and are laid out, 

recently been looking at converting them to virtual machines, to host on my laptop on demand, but my laptop doesn't have a great deal of storage, would like to get rid of my old tower for space for example, does anyone know any economical cloud services i could host these virtual machines on on demand? ideally 4tb plus

or is there another suggestion you may have?

1 Answer

  • JJ
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    AWS and Azure are two popular examples. AWS Lightsail starts at $3.50/mo but that only includes like 30GB storage. The 4TB storage will be costly. Amazon S3 would run about $100 a month and Google Cloud a little less. As an alternative, a used Synology NAS from eBay would pay for itself within a few months. 

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