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Did you know that Trump lies to us when he says that doctors get more money for caring for Covid-19 patients?

He also lies when he says that Europe doesn't count all deaths from and with coronavirus. They do.

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  • Jas B
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    4 weeks ago

    Come on Trump lies almost every time he opens his mouth.  Do you really think that it matters to his followers that yet more of his lies are exposed?  All they do is refuse to look at any evidence and call it "fake news"

    Otherwise he would have no supporters.

  • Audrey
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    4 weeks ago

    And just how do you know what Europe counts or does not count?

  • Troy
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    4 weeks ago

    No i don't and neither do you. I don't know if you are lying or just ignorant.

    Not every person that dies is tested for COVID. For many it is just an assumption or a guess. In Europe they are less likely to guess that the heart attack victim also may have had COVID.

  • Sam
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Dump is a life long conman and liar, all he ever does is lie.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    He says and tweets whatever comes into his head. I just happens that the majority of it is ill-founded.

  • Aiden
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    4 weeks ago

    I don't know about the US, but in the UK this is somewhat true.

    Doctors themselves don't get more money for caring for COVID-19 patients. However the hospital does get grant money for every patient suspicious of COVID it takes in. That's a fact.

    Some hospitals have actually encouraged doctors to get people to sign documents before admitting them as patients stating that they're suspicious of COVID-19 regardless of whether they are or aren't. 

    This was confirmed by my Dad who is an ambulance driver and my coworker who had a work accident and was asked to sign papers saying he was suspicious of COVID-19 even though he only needed some stitches.

    Not all hospitals do this, but some do.

    As for the statement that Europe doesn't count all deaths from and with coronavirus, it's somewhat true as well.

    Here in the UK we don't record how many people have recovered from COVID-19. So in other words the number that the MSM state is the number of people that have COVID-19 currently is false. It's the total number of people that have ever had COVID-19. Right now the public don't know exactly how many people in the UK currently have COVID-19.

    We also don't record the number of people that have died specifically from COVID-19. We record the number of people that have died from any cause within a month after they've been diagnosed with COVID-19.

    Meaning that they could have died for any reason what so ever, as long as it was within a month of being diagnosed of COVID.

    So at least here in the UK, we don't do well with statistics as Trump somewhat stated.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Democrats gotta stop being nice to Republicans now. I mean it, this is why Amy Coney Barret got approved. Because of the Democrats weak leadership. Mitch McConelle will never agree or like Democrats.

  • Both of those statements are true. Get your head out of fake news. Doctors get paid for EVERY patient. Of course Covid patients generate a lot of funds. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Sure. No lie too dirty to make himself and his failed covid response look better.

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