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Should I start seeing other people right now or just focus on him?

guy im seeing is a nice guy but he puts low effort and hardly texts. whenever he texts, its always past midnight. i focused on seeing him only, for 5 months. things are great in person. I dont want to lose him. but i think he's seeing others already

when should I give up? or should i focus on him?


I saw him once a week for 5 months, we're in a pandemic and its not good to just keep going out. He denied seeing others. He says we are in a relationship. His lack of texting, makes me think he's talking to others. So i dont want to get played. 5 months is long enough.

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  • T J
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    I think he has a life, with other things going on. Like school, friends, work, family responsibilities. If you think he is cheating, its game over, you do not trust him,...move on, he is better off without you in his life. The problem is you have nothing else in your life other than to overthink crap. Get a life, then you will see when you have time to text.

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    You sound like you're playing this relationship like some sort of project.  You aimed on putting in effort for 5 months only?  You're a texter and he isn't.  He texts late when he's got the time and inclination.  You say you don't want to lose him?  I presume that 5 month period isn't up yet.  What are you going to do in the 6th month?  Switch off because it's the end of the project?  Why not actually TALK to him face to face about your fears.  Ask him if he's seeing others.  At least you will know definitely what's going on and THEN make your decision.

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