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Why didn't Yahoo realize their stories would be less interesting without Reader's Comments?

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    Why don't some people seem to understand that you need to be specific about WHICH comments you are talking about? If you mean comments on news?articles, lots of articles on Yahoo News come from OTHER sources, including the Associated Press or one of the 18 or 22 media outlets Verizon Media manages. That includes Huffington Post. 

    If you mean comments on YA answers, you should say so. 

    Yahoo has been owned by Verizon Communications for over 3.75 years. What Yahoo did with comments on news articles in 2012 and 2016 is no guide to what Verizon Media decides to do about comments on news articles or YA answers. Answers on YA did NOT HAVE comments until the end of 2018 or January 2019. 

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    For decades people read newspapers (no comments there) and found the articles to be satisfactory. Commenting isn't needed, and virtually none of the comments posted on Y!News did anything to enhance any article. Most were people hurling insults at Yahoo, the article's author, the topic(s) of the article, other users who were commenting, or just screaming FAKE NEWS no matter what the article was. It was like someone released a bunch of angry toddlers, capable of typing (a lot of people don't find that "interesting". 


    Remember, what you find interesting, may not appeal to someone else at all. Users are still free to link to the articles, post on their own social media, and allow anyone who chooses to comment as the please.

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    "Mark K" has it right - nothing working properly on YAnswers - no notifications, no enforcement of Guidelines or Terms, taken over by spammers, etc.  But Comment a little opposition to The Left's propaganda and the Question disappears in a flash.  Time to drain that part of the swamp !!!!!!

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    One person's opinion is just as valid as the next need for nasty comments..

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    4 weeks ago

    because it is part of the lefts agenda of silencing different opinions

    Source(s): because it is part of the lefts agenda of silencing different opinions
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