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Boyfriends dog annoys me a little. ?

I absolutely love dogs. I smother my own in kisses and attention. But my boyfriends dog is getting a little annoying. He has this cute little dog who I adore, but she’s completely OBSESSED with me for some reason. She’s a Velcro dog to only me for some reason. I didn’t mind at first but now everytime I use the bathroom, she jumps down from his parents bed and wakes them up. If we try to put her back on their bed she’ll just hop back down. I tried sneaking to the bathroom but she always knows when I’m there and there’s no other bathroom or way to get there without passing the parents bedroom. I always stay there really late bc we both have work and college. I really don’t want to keep waking his parents every time I have a midnight pee, it’s every single time. Also we can’t taker her with us bc she barks at me when I don’t pay attention to her 24/7. What do I do please help!

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    You built the little monster with your attention, so now she is as you say.... "obsessed with you". STOP all interaction with her & if she pushed in on you, PUSH her away.  Suggest the parents shut their door or put up a BABY GATE to prevent her being able to leave their room.  Of course a lack of training  ON THEIR PART has lead to BARKING - to get her way (like a spoiled child).  For heavens sake - DO NOT REWARD IT by giving in to her "demands".

    Consider moving OUT or NOT staying over or late, as a help.  Instead, if you invite BF to your place the problem is 100% SOLVED.  Many ADULT people actually work Mon-Fri and see each other on the weekends. If he cannot move to your place, you might try not being so BF "obsessed".

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    So....why don`t the `parents` shut their bedroom door so the dog can`t get out of their room and follow you about.

    Seems the dog rules the roost in your b/f`s parents house.

    And YOU.....just push the dog away when it demands attention for heavens sake and do it ALL the time. Don`t even look at it.

     The dog will eventually realise that you are not the push-over it thinks you are. 

    I suspect you are a bit flattered by this dogs attention and don`t do much to deter its demands.  In fact you probably spoil the dog rotten most of the time. JMO. 

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    I know the type. Especially if someone feeds the dog all the time the dog can get very annoying always Begging for food in the middle of the floor and cos tangly running around looking for food. 

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