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Based on his history does it seem like this guy is ever going to settle down or does it sound like he's a confirmed bachelor?

He's 40

He goes back and forth between living at home with his mother and living in low quality to average apartment complexes. The ones that are in big brick buildings with fluorescent lighting and outdated kitchens and appliances etc.

His last girlfriend was 21 and they dated on and off for a year with non-stop drama and about 4 breakups and lots of social media drama.

His plan was always to get back with the 21 year old and their on again off again relationship is intense at times. They can't seem to stay away from each other.

They've been broken up for 10 months but she now has a new boyfriend and she's pregnant, she's been with her new boyfriend for 6 months. She still posts on social media that she misses him and sends him smoke signals by saying her heart is still broken and he's still hanging onto hope. He seems exhausted and worn out and in his recent photos it's obvious he's been crying, he has bad dark circles since he found out she was pregnant.

He tried to go on dates with 26 and 28 year old women and seems to only want to date women 30 and under max. He makes about 40k a year and owns his own business.

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  • MissA
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    4 weeks ago

    I'd say a "confirmed bachelor" is a guy who has thought about it and said, "Nope, marriage isn't for me."

    This guy would appear to be either "unlucky in love" or alternatively "Trying and failing to punch way above his weight class."

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    My husband was 42 years old and a confirmed bachelor when I met him.  That was fine with me as I had NO plans to marry.

    We were married 6 months after we met.

    There is no way to know what anyone is doing or thinking.  How does he plan to support a wife and/or family on $40,000 a year?

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