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If my mom has a Medicaid Waiver for in-home care, does Medicaid Recovery take her house after she's gone?

I left my job to move in with my mom.  In the past few weeks she hasn't been able to walk without assistance.  She has fallen 6 or 7 times in the past year which makes it hard for me to be out of the house even for a few hours.  I went to a job interview and came back to find her on the floor.  We decided she needed an in-home care agency so I could be out of the house. 

When my dad was in the nursing home, it depleted their savings, they went through a $100,000 savings account faster than you can say jack splat.  Now paying $30/hr. for home care, she has been drained dry.  In order for use to get home care back, she needs to be approved for Medicaid Waiver.  Medicaid Waiver pays for home care so I don't have to be here 100% of the time.  

My question is, does Medicaid Recovery take the house after she is gone if Medicaid is paying for part-time home care?   I'm told I can have the house after she's gone, but if Medicaid Recovery takes it, I'll be homeless.  No job, No income, so somebody who has money would have to buy it.  

I know there are ways I could possibly keep the house but things like an undue hardship feels like I'd be cheating Medicaid.   I need a job and place to move to lined up before I become homeless.   


I'm not saying it's not possible to save the house from Medicaid, some friends told me it's not right to try it, It would be better for me to be homeless and qualify for my own benefits, but I don't know how to survive as homeless.

Update 2:

I am staying in her house 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but it's getting to be more than I can do myself.  Her social security has to support both of us, so I really need to get a job, but I can't leave her alone all day while I'm at work.  Even working from home wouldn't be a good option with her continuously needing help.  I really need in-home care while I'm gone and they charge several times what most jobs around here pay.

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    Medicaid does seek recovery for in home and community based care.

    The only way to keep the house is to have it in our name 5 years before medicaid starts paying or the amount that medicaid pays is less than the value of the house.

    There is no "hardship" that if you are going to be homeless that voids them taking the house.

    And you aren't being very realistic... if she can't walk unassisted, how long is part time care going to be enough?

    However, you will be able to remain in the house for the rest of her life as long as the cost of car does not exceed the value of the house.

    I'm sorry you are going through this.  I know what it's like.

    In response to the additional comment:

    I guess I was not blunt enough.  How long is you being there 24/7 with part-time help going to be enough?  It sounds like you are already at a breaking point.

    Please take care of yourself too.

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