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my best friend doesnt understand what im going through?

is he fake?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Unless someone has experienced the same thing, they have no idea what you're going through but can only imagine.  And if you're expecting your best friend to solve your issues or baby you, then you have too many expectations in your life

    Learn to deal with your reality- that's what the rest of us have to do all by ourselves too!

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    4 weeks ago

    I don't understand what you're going through, either. I have no idea what you're talking about. 

    Whether or not someone is 'fake' doesn't have any connection to whether he or she understands what you're going through. One thing has nothing to do with another. Well, I guess an insincere person could pretend to offer sympathy and not be genuinely sorry for you. 

    Sometimes when people don't fathom what you're dealing with, it's because their life experience is limited. Many people don't lose a grandparent or parent until they're in their 40s. Most people haven't lost a spouse or partner in their 20s. People who haven't dated a lot won't understand how you feel after breaking up with your partner of 5 years.

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