Hit a deer head on, no damage?!?

So I was going grocery shopping tonight, It was bad fog, and last minute I saw 4 deer in the middle of the road I was going 45 mph, the speed limit was 55 mph (Going slow due to dense fog) I hit the one deer head on, when I got to the store I was expecting damage, but not a dint, scratch, head lights and fog light are good, not uneven or loose, my husband's brother is a mechanic he showed up looked the car over, he said it is almost as if I didn't hit anything, And I hit her head on dead center of my car, what I am asking is how did I not get any damage? It seems unrealistic, and on the way back home the deer is dead of course and her legs looks broke along with her neck. (I know that is typically normal, depending on how you they get hit. Thanks for your opinions in advance!


Also I felt a big thud, and it felt as if the deer was thumping around under the car. (As if the car had the poor thing stuck under it.

Update 2:

Yes I did call my insurance company, right away I forgot to say that.

Update 3:

Took to collision center they had it in for a few hours the only think they found was the washer fluid hose had a small break or something! They said they never saw something like this, I had them have a different guy check it over for a second opinion (the shop mgr checked the 2nd time) and found only the same thing as the 1st guy! 

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    4 weeks ago
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    Apparently, there was damage. That mechanic of a brother-in-law said so because he didn't say there was no damage but that it was "ALMOST as if you didn't hit anything," not just "as if you didn't hit anything." Also, a mechanic repairs mechanics, not car bodies and new cars frontends are mostly plastic covering Styrofoam that absorbs the initial impact, so it's highly likely there actually is damage, even significant damage, to the front end that you can't see because the plastic popped back out, but since that Styrofoam being unbroken and intact is critical to the safety of the car's driver and passengers, meaning if it's broken and you're in another front-end collision, it won't help absorb the blow and slow the car like it should thus making the impact much more severe for the occupants of the car, leading to increased chance for injury or even death, you really need to take the car in to a body shop and have it checked out by and expert in collision and autobody repair rather than merely eyeballed by your mechanic brother-in-law. Don't worry about the place trying to swindle you because that's for your insurance company to figure out, and don't worry about reporting it to your insurance company causing your rates to go up because hitting a dear doesn't fall under collision coverage but falls under comprehensive coverage and isn't considered your fault and doesn't make your insurance rates go up when you report hitting a dear and it results in a claim. Moreover, the deductible for comprehensive claims is usually less than it is for collision, like my collision deductible is $500 but my comprehensive deductible is only $50. When you take it to the body shop, tell them about how you heard it go under your car as well and they will hoist it up and inspect the undercarriage for damage, something your mechanic of a brother-in-law couldn't have done at the scene and so couldn't have possibly been able to inspect your undercarriage for damage. It is nigh unto possible that if the deer went under your car that it didn't at least break the air dam on the front end, something that is generally so fragile that if you lie down on the ground and just give it a single kick with your foot you can break.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    So did you eat the deer or what?

  • James
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    4 weeks ago

    Maybe the deer jumped right before impact and you swept the deers legs out from under it missing the main bulk of the deer but causing it to spin and break it's neck. 

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