How does college promote the American-dream?

It clearly does not. 40% of students drop out anyway, 

since they can't handle it, or can't afford it. Companies

only taken the top 20% of graduates with the highest

grades. So am I right to assume 80% of college-graduates

never reach Middle-Class? 

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    3 months ago
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    It doesn’t. Unfortunately, in the US, it has become a common thought that everyone has to go to college to have a chance at success. Even worse, too many people actually believe that having a college degree makes them a more valuable and important person. Some believe that a “college education” imparts human virtue and worth. (This explains bigotry towards people who shower after they work, not before)

    College should be reserved for those who have both the intellectual ability and the sincere motivation to pursue a specialized career. Few students really possess both the intellectual ability and the desire to pursue undergraduate studies for a specific industry.

    The flood of students being awarded undergraduate degrees diminishes the value of those degrees. How many graduates go on to work in a totally unrelated field?

    It is a terrible mistake for someone to choose college when they would be happier and achieve more in a trade, or starting a small business, driving a truck, becoming a chef, or finding a rewarding job in a field they love instead of a field that is considered “impressive” by others.

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    They could be used for training, education, and empowerment but instead they turn them into liberals indoctrination centers. 

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    3 months ago

    Like most things in life, ya get out of it what you put into it. With the costs extremely exaggerated now, not having a goal before entry is economic suicide. 

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    They instill the mind of the youth a street paved in gold while attaching a huge burden/loan to their belt.

    The University working in cahoots with the banking system does allow +20 years to pay the loan off, refinancing is also available; how thoughtful.


    When the English began colonizing the United States they realized a myriad of workers would be required to quickly build the country; they had no intention of getting their hands dirty.

    Via a devilish tactic, they dropped millions of flyers in Europe, primarily: Italy, Ireland & Poland with the slogan "Come to America, the streets are paved in gold."

    The immigrant desiring a better life believed the words and sold what little they owned for a one-way ticket to America.

    Once they arrived on US soil they quickly realized three things.

    1. The streets were not paved in gold.

    2. There were no streets.

    3. They would be forced to build the streets.

    The above evil tactic is still used today.


    Because it works.

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    As the son of a coal miner, a first-generation college student, and someone who works with college kids every day, I know firsthand the transformative power of higher education in America. I have witnessed how it breaks the cycle of poverty and dependence to develop leaders in all walks of life.

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    It makes more people factual.

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    3 months ago

    It doesn't. All it does is turns out brainwashed kids and drowning in debt. Get your CDL license and make some good money.

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    3 months ago

    college is pretty much a scam and a place to be indoctrinated anymore

    Source(s): lol at the premise that you have to go into debt to make money
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