Do women fancy themselves?

I have been left slightly confused by a riddle presented by females.

Apparently, when females dress promiscuously, with cleavege showing, short skirt, high heels, they are not doing it for men, but for themselves.

So i just wonder, what is it that women are getting out of dressing in a manner that just so happens to be sexually appealing to men?

Why does a lady feel the need to show her cleavage and legs in public for herself? 

Surely she has seen her breasts and legs before plenty of times? 

So, i want to know, out of all the ways that women could dress, if they are dressing for themselves, and not for men to look at, why do they choose this way of dressing?

And if they are dressing in a manner that men will have sexual thoughts of them, and dressing in a manner that everyone will notice, but they are not actually dressing like this for men, and do not like being noticed, and are angry at everyone seeing them as a sex object, then do they fancy themselves and like looking at themselves in this case?

Can anyone solve this riddle please.


Do they look upon themselves as a sex object, that they dress in a provocative manner for themselves?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    not everything women do is to impress men, sometimes we just do things to make ourselves feel good, ik its crazy

  • 4 weeks ago

    They are simlpy attention seeking and narcissistic.  It gives them power. This is why there are so many obsessed with social media. 

    The best thing to do is to look away and don't like any of their post/pics unless the feeling is mutual.

    People need to stop validating these thots. 

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