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Why does sexual desire seem alien to most women?

I mean watching ****, using prostitutes, or the mere idea of getting turned on visually seem alien to women. They seem to be clueless about why men do it. And call men perverts, disgusting etc because of it.


I had a woman call me a weirdo just because i was watching p0rn.

Update 2:

I am not lonely or an incel lol.

Update 3:

"Oh and prostitutes? Who tf uses them?"

Are you kidding me? I mean so many men use them just because your sterile doesn't mean all men are

Update 4:

Every rich guy uses wh0re to get laid at one point.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It doesn't seem alien to me, but stereotypically male sexual desire does.  I do sometimes watch pornography but only a very niche variety of it which probably doesn't even look like it to most people.  Mainstream P I find disgusting and pointless.  I can't see the point of sex unless it's connected to emotional closeness.

  • amy
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    4 weeks ago

    I wouldnt say most. Men and women are different. Men prefer **** while women prefer to read errotica. Would you be turned on reading a book? A woman would. Prostitutes not all but most of them are child sexual abuse victims. I think prostitution should be legal because they would still do it of illegal and illegal just greatens their risk of rape, assault and murder. Personally im asexual. I have no idea what sexual desire is though it does fascinate me at best. The idea of seeing naked bodies has some repulsion to it. I remember some girl asked if I want to go to a feminist art gallery. I aksed her what is feminist art. She said naked female bodies by female artists. I said sir why not art is art. The idea if being surrounded by the enermy didnt bother me but the idea of being surrounded by naked women did. There is some subtypes to asexual because its just romantic attraction without sexual attraction. I fall under hetero-romantic I usually just shorten it to hetero. It gets enough of the point across. Like prostitution asexual has a strong correlation with child sex abuse. Normally I would see it acceptable to ask a private question like that but it became the situation were people thought it was cool to fake being ace. So I ask them. If they hadn't been through that chances are theyre liars. Scientists are also half half on asexual. There is a mental disorder (dont remember its name) that asexuals tick enough symptoms of to fit it so half say its a mental disorder. Mental disorder it self is defined as distress or inability to function. Asexuals dont experience distress or inability to function from it so the other half says its an actual sexuality. Whatever they make up their mind about it it doesnt bother me. It is what it is. For now its labelled asexual so thats the word that gets used. Most women or men are not like this. Trans are an extreme minoriy and asexual is even smaller.

    @ poker face demisexual is a fake asexual subtype. Asexuals lack sexual attraction you don't lack sexual attraction. Alot of people find their more attracted to people they have a connection with. There nothing greatly different with that. Asexual just is. It isnt some special tocken that will grant you anything. If anything it can make dating problematic. I personally gave up on "plan a" he had long been in a bad relationship and wanted and needed from a relationship things I couldn't give him. He needed a woman who would approach him for sex and would want to approach him for sex since he lacked that for years. Thats not something I can offer. I need to be approached. Sex most of the time is just a chore I know I need to do to keep a healthy relationship but I really mean its a chore personally I would just prefer to suck **** over sex. If left to my own device in a relationship I just wouldnt go there so need my partner to approach me. I knew I couldnt give him what he wanted and needed. So I knew I couldnt make him happy. So I walked away at that point.

    @poker ive lived in poverty before met a lot of prostitutes when will engage in a faked relationship if asked so by a regular customer. For years I got confused when I girl I knew who was a prostitute would say oh thats my boyfriend or im waiting for my boyfrield. He was an elderly man I was concerned with the age gap till I learnt this was a thing they term agreed on with her regular service him calling him her boyfriend, giving company, care and affection not just sex. Hes been a client for years. Ive known her for 4yrs and they still have that arrangement. Its not always straight forward sex that can be offered in service.

  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    If I open a restaurant and no one wants to eat there I wouldn't assume they just hate food. I'd try to recognize that I'm not a very good cook. You might try that approach to this issue. 

  • Jon
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    4 weeks ago

    In that case I must have met a series of abnormal women! 

    Of course women have sexual urges just as men do. 

    Most men, just like most women, find pornography boring and mildly repulsive. It just doesn't bear much resemblance to the real thing.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Many women need to get their hormones adjusted.

  • 4 weeks ago

    maybe cause theyre not guys

  • 4 weeks ago

    EDIT: I’m 21 year old guy and I’ve never once considered offering money for those services as I’m demisexual. Yawnnnnn I don’t care about your lonely incel life. None of them are alien, they’re just alien in your world. Oh and prostitutes? Who tf uses them?

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