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How can media write things praising a person, & if it was someone else they would be vilifying them? Like Sasha O singing an N word song?

A Yahoo article from E! fawns over Sasha Obama singing a song on Tik Tok with girlfriends. Unfamiliar with the song, I looked up the lyrics. It has countless N words, a large amount of cuss words, and lyrics that do not seem respectful of women. Now we all know white celebrities have been fired from jobs for just once saying the N word like Paula Deen. We know if Ivanka Trump was singing a song full of N words, cuss words, and disrespectful to women that the media would condemn her. So WHY is it okay for Sasha and the fawning article praises her? How can this music even be condoned?


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Your question is: why can blacks say the n word but if whites say it they get in trouble?

    Your answer is: cause they black.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You are asking how members of the media can be hypocrites.

    Why do you assume they are different from anyone else?

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