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Do you have to pay back the pell grant if you fail or drop a class?

I am traditionally an A and B level student in college. But I am really struggling with the online schedule due to covid.

If I choose to drop a class. Or end up failing a class do I need to repay the government for the pell grant I received? 

I have never even come close to failing before so I am very stressed about all this.

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  • MS
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    4 weeks ago

    @RR - A Pell Grant is a form of financial aid.  Financial aid includes grants, scholarships, and loans.

    If you drop below full-time credit hours, then you may need to repay a portion of the grant.  Your school's financial aid office can let you know how you might be affected by dropping or failing a course.  

  • R R
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    4 weeks ago

    I do not think you need to pay back pell grant, but you may have to pay back financial aid since it is based on the number of credits you are taking.

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