Why don't pro sports teams have captains?

High school sports teams have captions but college and pro teams usually don't.... why do you think that is?

Sorry if I'm wrong about this! Maybe I'm unaware of college/pro teams having captains or specific leaders on the team... Not really a sports person but just curious! 

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  • 1 month ago

    Football teams in college and the pros do have captains.

  • Pro sports teams have captains.  In the NHL, they literally wear a f**king letter "C" on their sweater designating that they're the captain.  When the Stanley Cup is presented to the winning team, the captain is the one who touches it first.  Not the owner, GM or coach.  The captain.

    NFL teams have copied the "letter on jersey" bit.  NBA and MLB teams have captains, as do MLS teams (the captain has to wear an armband designating him as the captain as he's the only player who can talk to the referee).

  • 1 month ago

    Most actually do, you just don't hear about it much in the media.

    Professional hockey, for example, still follows the tradition of allowing team captains to wear a "C" on their jerseys.  I recall a few NBA teams and baseball's Boston Red Sox followed this tradition as well.  NFL teams are so compartmentalized that they often have captains on offense and defense.

    I think a big reason you don't hear much about them past the high school level is because of the star-obsessed culture created by the popular media.  At the college level, team captains are often guys who are inspirational leaders rather than the biggest star.  At the professional level, it's the stars that are hyped...not their standing or role on the team.

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