What movie is this..?

For the life of me I can NOT think of the title of this movie, & what makes me so frustrated is normally I rate every single movie I watch on IMDb. This movie I don't think it was a movie in theaters, but I can't remember if it was a B movie or not. I do remember I didn't like it. It was very boring. Movie is set in a time period either before or around the same time as Christopher Columbus era's. And it's in England or Ireland, the people, slaves perhaps, I don't remember but they had to escape in a very small boat, like a canoe, the ocean is foggy & they "safely" make it to America, where they see Indians for the 1st time & I think the movie ends with them getting captured by the Indians. That's basically the entire movie. Like I said boring but I still wish to know the title of it. I've tried googling many different ways but came up with nada. Has any 1 else seen this film?? 


I need to be a little more clear about what kind of slaves I meant, I was talking about how like soldier's like Roman or whatever empire that was in control in this film, how they'd go from village to village killing every 1 except a few that they'd keep to sale at slave auctions.

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