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As Of Fall 2020 Should People Even Go Out To Do Stuff, Even With Covid-19?

Well should anyone just go do stuff, even with Covid-19. Because there are people that live alone long before there was even COVID-19 or any pandemic. They will still be be like that long after it over. They never got married, never adopted one or two kids or has some level of Mental Illness. Unless they live at a board and care, co op,  rent a place with someone. Also many or how little are to live siblings and their family or a close relative that married and their family or not married. That there some kind of human interaction, and human noise. Those people might get bored easily outside of work and taking of important stuff. Some might feel time too long during the day.

Should people in general just do stuff in their city, like go to the mall where ever they want, drive or take public transportation(of course with face mask on all the way, even when it might say for essential trips). Even when it takes 25-35 minutes to get there. Should people do that?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There are things you can go out and do as long as you don't have to be close to a lot of others and you wear a mask.

  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    People should do what ever they have to. If it makes you feel better to wear a muzzle, do it.

  • 1 month ago

    It is up to you.

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