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Am I overreacting ?

My husband is gross lol. He never take shower or brush his teeth when he’s around me and always dress scrubby but then when ever he’s around his friend who is a female. He dress to impress her like ironing his shirt and dress like he’s going out to a fancy diner when ever she’s around like um....?! Why is he being so weird? I ask him why he never dress good or brush his teeth when we’re together and I always dress and stay clean for him. He didn’t answer. I’m mad because he disrespect me all the time and get too comfortable with me but then respect everyone else. Do I have the right to be mad? and I’m thinking about leaving him because obviously he never give me attention. Never compliment my makeup, the way I dress or how good my hair smell like. He never notice me. I’m tired! I’m done 

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    Time to send him to his female friend, and you get the divorce.

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    You have learned a great deal about yourself in this marriage. We all do. One thing, as you tell us, that I have learned about you is that you feed on compliments. They are important to you. Your husband is gross. It's hard to compliment a gross guy and yours has turned elsewhere for his compliments as well. I believe you have "the right" to get to the root of this change in his behaviors. "He didn't answer" can't hold. Get your answer. Of course you have "the right" to your feelings and opinions. He's your spouse!  Get informed about the WHY and then make an informed decision. 

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    I feel like you are in the wrong here. Dental hygiene is kinda cringe to be honest with you.

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    never take shower or brush his teeth, ew

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