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My dad wants to get rid of my dog! What do I do?

I have a dog called Bear, he’s a big dog a bull mastiff pitbull mix, my dad wants to take him to the shelter

I’ve already convinced him not to do it once but this time he seems certain to want to get rid of him, he’s put him in the kennel and is refusing to let him out for me to be with him. He’s even discussing getting a new dog already with his girlfriend

His girlfriend hates Bear, she’s very mean to him and has been wanting to get rid of him for as long as I can remember. Yesterday Bear gave her a nip because she won’t stop hitting him and being abusive, Bear was just defending himself but Dad decided Bear was at fault and he’s going to take him to the shelter

I feel like I’ve tried everything to convince him, he wants to take him as soon as the shelter is open 

He won’t get adopted soon because of how much of a big dog he is, he’s a goofball and he’s my baby. 

I’m 16 so I don’t have pretty much any control over the situation 

He knows I don’t want to take him to the shelter. He won’t even let me be with him.

What do I do?


Let me answer some questions 

My dad wants him gone because he’s too much work but it’s mainly because of my Stepmum not liking Bear

I walk him, Dad and Lindsey don’t like walking them, we have two more dogs, small dogs (who both get along with Bear) and a cat as well.

You say maybe they’re fed up, but my dad and I raised him, he’s my baby and I can’t believe anyone would think it’s justified to get rid of a family member.

They hit him sometimes for no reason, but that’s not how you train a dog

Update 2:

Oh and he’s not dangerous

He only nips when he’s hit and abused, he wouldn’t hurt a fly otherwise, he’s a good boy. He loves other dogs and other people, he loves everyone

He would NEVER kill someone as a comment suggested, he isn’t that kind of dog

He loves me because I never hit him to tell him off, again, hitting a dog is never a way you train them

Update 3:

Final update:

I was able to convince dad to let him stay, but dad got sick of him yesterday and had him put down instead of rehoming him 

Bear is dead now so this doesn’t even matter anymore.

I’m at my mum’s now. 

Thanks for everyone who gave a nice reply

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Hire a hitman. Hippity hoppity the sniper goes boppity. Also put antifreeze in ur stepmoms beer.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Get rid of your dad and get a new one;

  • Niki
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Is there anyone in your family that can take him? Or a friend? Can you support yourself? If you can, you can get emancipated and take custody of your dog.  you have to prove to court that you can support yourself.  You have to find a different living space.  I hope this helps.  

  • Aruba
    Lv 5
    4 weeks ago

    step 1. Get rid of your stepmom!  Step 2. tell your dad where to go!. Step 3. when you are of age move out and never talk to either of them again. As long as you are being fully responsible for this pooch, and your dad knows how much you love Bear, he should leave you keep him, as it sounds your pup is your best friend, which I think is really nice. Tell your dad if you get rid of him, you are really hurting me as he is my friend and I love him, also by getting rid of him you basically lost me to, I will disown you, taking the only thing I hold so precious to me, away! Because as a mom I would never do that as long as the kid is taking responsibility, or even half responsibility. By getting rid of something your child loves SO much, would also hurt a parent by seeing their child be sad, if the parent really cares about there kid/s. Also no man is gonna come before my kids, my kids and their happiness comes first.  

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Why didn't someone train this dog?  Why do girlfriends & boyfriends of parents always come in & mess up everything?  This kind of stuff really upsets me.  They should just accept things as the are when they come into a household that already has established everyone's rules.  They come in & Immediately want to change everything to suit themselves.

    Don't think you can compete against the girlfriend.

  • Jojo
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    From  what you have posted it does seem that the dog would be far better off re-homed with someone who 100% wants him. 

    I know YOU want him but he is not your dog and you unfortunately live in the same house that the dog is not wanted.

    Try not to think of your own feelings, but think of what is best for the dog. Dogs know when someone dislikes them.

    Unless you are of an age where you can get your own accommodation and take the dog with you, then you must help give the dog a chance to be in a more loving home, by him being taken to a good rescue kennels, where he will be looked after and rehomed with a suitable owner. 

  • 1 month ago

    I'm afraid that this dog and his future is your dad's dog so you don't, sadly, have a say in what happened to him.   One thing is certain, even if he hadn't nipped your stepmum, the Shelter is very likely not to be able to rehome him so he'll be put down.   Once they find out he's taken to nipping, for whatever reason, that will confirm his future.

    Best I can offer is you talk to your dad, without his partner being there, and hope he relents.

    If the dog is being abused, in all honesty, he'd be better off out of there (not crated all the time), whatever his future holds for him.

    Getting a new dog when there are already multiple dogs in your household - no!

  • 1 month ago

    If this dog is the goofball you claim and if he is getting abuse from your dad's girlfriend then it might be the wisest thing to rehome where the dog can have a life. 

    If he gets on well with the two smaller dogs and the cat then he has a chance of being adopted and especially if he looks more Mastiff than Pit Bull. 

    Poor dog.    If I was your dad the girlfriend would be gone not the dog but it doesn't look like that's going to happen and unfortunately if I were you,   my respect for your dad would be gone also.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Let him get rid of it. It's a generic pit mutt anyway with no real value and will probably just end up killing someone.

  • 1 month ago

    Nothing  except what  told to; Your a child you see.....

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