Hey Stargate SG-1 fans, please list examples of dishes served in the staff canteen at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex?

Hey Stargate SG-1 fans. it's nice watching Carter, Jackson, and the rest of the gang hanging out at the nice little staff canteen at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex during their breaks. Please list examples of dishes served in the staff canteen other than the tasty looking desserts, jelly, fruit loops cereal, etc. Please tell me some actual dishes served there for lunch & dinner. Thank you.

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    1 month ago
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    Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, breaded fish filets, chili, pork chop suey, shrimp skewers, corned beef on rye, spaghetti, mac & cheese, chicken fajitas,

    turkey subs, pulled pork sandwich, tuna salad, pepper steak, lox on bagel, chicken pot pie, shrimp egg foo young, beef stew, sushi, lamb makhani, chicken fingers, tacos, chopped liver on rye, meatloaf, chicken teriyaki, pot roast, pad thai, pizza, polish sausage, pot roast, BLT club, shish kabab, stuffed ravioli, chicken stir-fry, falafel on pita, mahi mahi, chicken curry, Shish Kabab, beef pad woon sen, chicken burritos. chicken caccitore, 

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    Really?  You're going to post a question about one of my favorite shows ever and THIS is what we get?  smh

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