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Local motorbike dealer selling “copy-one”helmets and other gear?

Today I went to see some motorbike gear as I am a new rider. I saw some “shoei” helmets and “avg” helmets. I wore it, it felt light and comfortable for a very nice price. The dealer said this is a copy one helmet. So it is not original but it does the job. The stuffing is not top of the line but has some good material. I saw some unbranded made in china gloves and other items and he told me it works fine.

I saw some videos on youtube. I checked online but I don’t know any riders that i can ask about these products. The question is do these products work fine? Are they going to protect me? Or is it a complete worst of time and money?

I understand that safety is the number #1 thing but if I can get something decent and save some money that would also be a great deal.

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    I watched a video made maybe 10 or 15 years ago about motorcycle helmets.   They tested all sorts of brands and models of those brands.   What was interesting is that there was no connection between brand or price and protection.  Some of the top line brands and high value just did not protect while some cheap brand ones did.      

    Trouble is none of us have the money or ability to buy one of each and test them.   

    For the helmet I would go by how it feels.  That is how comfortable it is and how well made the lining is. 

    For gloves you should look at the stitching and the material they are made of and also how well they fit,  Remember you need to be able to operate the controls so make sure you can. 

    As for protection,  no one can say for sure.

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    That sounds like the first helmet I bought back in 1970. My head is still fine and the helmet has no cracks, though the foam rubber cushion all rotted after 15 years.

  • garry
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    its a cheap chinese copy , its to heavy and to noisy and to uncomfortable to wear , look for the approval sticker , chinese do make inferior helmets . approval stick then you can wear it for bike riding , no sticker then they can break .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have always been able to sneak a peak somewhere under the helmet trim to see the actual helmet construction material,   If you see the string mesh of fiberglass embedded in resin then that is a good helmet. It should look like # in the resin.    Also you can look at the helmet in the sunlight of the window. If the outer shell looks like 2 halves of a helmet glued together. There is a faint line or indentation THAT IS SCHIT. PLASTIC.  It will shatter into a million pieces once your head hits the pavement. Fiberglass helmets will not do that because the meshing holds it together.

    Still unsure?  Take a BRAND name helmet and inside the store on the lino floor drop it from a height of 6"(or 4") and note the sound it makes.  You essentially are looking for that solid sound that it makes...plastic junk sounds totally different.

    A no name brand fiberglass helmet sounds the same as the Shoei 

    . It is preferable that your head NEVER SEES THE ROAD(helmet or not)

    . Mine was not a Shoei or any other name brand because you try them on to see if they are a comfortable fit.  The name brands had too much padding in the wrong spots, so I got a no name brand out of a bin at the Motorcycle shop with minimal padding inside cause I got a big melon.  Fits comfortably like a glove.(or shoe). Shaped for my head. 30 years later still fits as good.

    Compare the recommendations that is on the Shoei helmet to any other helmet you are purchasing.    There are flags and tags for different government checks to the helmet, so it better be on the other one too.  Helmets are not a big expense so you can buy 1 a year if you want(just because of the color or style has changed).  They are not light as FOAM.  There is some weight to them. Nothing simply snaps off.

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    Assuming these helmets are made to the basic safety standards (depending on where you are, the dealer may be legally obliged to meet them) then they are safe enough. That does not mean for a moment that they are as safe as the originals which will exceed the limit.

    It will certainly mean however that the inners are inferior quality and will have a reduced lifespan.

    The important thing with a helmet is not that they are comfortable but that they fit with a snug (just this side if tight) fit.

    btw Shoei is the correct spelling.

  • Fred
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    1 month ago

    They say the quality of the helmet you buy shows how much you value your brains.  I realize helmets are expensive but I think they are supposed to meet certain safety check requirements.  I am always a bit worried about cheap safety gear as there are unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers which will stick tags on their safety gear which suggests the item has passed rigid safety trials  when in fact they were never tested.  In my country there is a need for sunglasses brands to be tested for UV protection before they can be sold here.  There have been cheap Chinese sunglasses sold here that were found to have no UV protection even though they had a sticker saying high UV protection on them.

      Also remember if it is Chinese made then part of that money goes to the Chinese government that will use it to help build the biggest and most powerful military in the world and maybe one day will be powerful enough to believe it could win a war of domination of much of the world.  Beside that some poor manufacturer in your country has lost another sale and if it loses too many will have to close down and many people lose their jobs and is one more sale towards the country getting weaker and less influential in the world.  Buying local products makes your country stronger and China weaker and less threatening.   Remember a strong China who starts to throw its weight around could cause a war that you may be called up to fight in.  Remember that when you consider purchasing some crappy cheaply made Chinese item instead of your well made local product.

  • adam
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    1 month ago

    its your life on the line. So what do want ? Inexpensive or quality? Made in China . I wouldnt bother. 

  • Anton
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    1 month ago

    Bottom Line: "...  made in china ...he told me it works fine."

    He does NOT care about your safety, or your life.

    He is in the business for making money.

    He makes more money selling Chinese Crap than selling the real Brand Name stuff.

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  • 1 month ago

    If the helmet is approved by the DOT then it is as good as any other helmet out there.

  • Rick
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    1 month ago

    did the 'copy' pass the federal safety tests ????

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