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Why is Lou Dobbs suddenly actively campaigning against Lindsey Graham? He announced on TV that no one should vote for him.?

Is Dobbs simply trying to get rid of his rival sycophants so he can be Trump’s one and only lapdog?

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    It looks like it.  Dobbs will soon learn there is no future in supporting Dirty Donald.  Graham will learn the same thing.  Dobbs wants Graham to screw Biden over by lying about him. Graham knows what a stand-up guy Biden is.  This Republican den of snakes is getting intetesting.

  • i'd  surely  vote  for  lou-dobbs … he's  the  right  man  for  the  job … he'd  straighten  out  the  upper  and  middle  echelons/castes … making  all  as  equal  peasants.  vote  lou-dobbs  for  2024 !

    this  is  the  face  we  want  in  the  white-house:

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    Strangely, I do not know what is in Lou Dobbs' mind.

    However, Graham used to be under the control of RINO McCain. That eased up when McCain died but some think that Graham is still not 100% reliable.

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    In 2016, Graham challenged anyone to hold him accountable should he change his mind about letting the voters decide in the presidential election about the SC nominee. 'Use My Words Against Me': Lindsey Graham's Shifting Position On Court Vacancies ...

    Graham significantly contributes to the dysfunction in DC and why voters are disgusted.

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    Stay tuned in you never know what Dobbs has up his sleeve and buy his book he needs the cash.

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    Lindsey Graham is head and shoulders better than Lou Dobbs.  Always Vote for Lindsey Graham.

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    Dobbs has always been nothing more than an Activist.  He has never been considered to be a bona-fide journalist.

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